Soul to Soul

As flowers blossom in the spring,
birds cruise the sky,
the flapping of wings.
Nature is beautiful,
read the stars.
You make me happy,
good memories are never far.

By ear, by sight, by feel,
we journey and heal.
It was like yesterday,
but was so long ago,
when we connected soul to soul.

How would we live,
if not for love?
My hearts’ eye is
like a dove.
I see you always,
and send my love.


Enjoying the little things

Park grass,
Clean lasses,
Keep and live carefully your life before it passes.
Calm, caring and clarity will reach the masses.

Wind in your hair,

Sun in the sky,
Enjoy the warmth on the skin,
and watch the birds fly.

Oh, Attachments

Our worth is not in numbers.
I won’t change, my habits do.
I won’t change you.
We are wise now,
We know that love is free.
We are no longer bound by our idea of love.

We can exist in peace.
Let go of attachments,
Be free, we no longer need to be.

Don’t pretend to know,
there is little you know.
Seek truth, reject confusion.
This world is full of illusions.


You said forever.
You say you love me.
Then show it.
You feel love, I know it.
You treat me well enough,
you said forever.
We are not the same.
You say be stoic,
but I have complaints.

Winter nights

Silent winds of winter nights,
long have held this lonely sight.

Lost of love and of life,
feels like the blade of a knife.

A Fork in the Road

When all you wanted was to fade away,
It didn’t make sense to live that way?
I am a happy person.
Could I say that about you,
my indifferent friend?

You are not a stone.
You are not alone.
Time can work with
or against you.
There is much to see
and do.

Morning Dew

I can’t live like that,
not the way you wanted me to.
I left that.
It was hard but I had to leave you.

I’m growing each day,
I refuse to cease to exist.
If my spirit were to fly,
would I remember all the lies,
the pain the things I hate?
Emptiness shall dissipate.
We can make the world a better place.

Wake up and sit outside,
and feel the morning dew.
I was blind.
I didn’t see,
Now I know,
there is nothing I’m missing.