Morning Dew

I can’t live like that,
not the way you wanted me to.
I left that.
It was hard but I had to leave you.

I’m growing each day,
I refuse to cease to exist.
If my spirit were to fly,
would I remember all the lies,
the pain the things I hate?
Emptiness shall dissipate.
We can make the world a better place.

Wake up and sit outside,
and feel the morning dew.
I was blind.
I didn’t see,
Now I know there is nothing I’m missing.


The Spritual Journey

I am a person,
a friend, and a mother.
Journeying through this world
alone, but not.

I am a good soul,
a truth seeker,
a wise voice of a speaker,
journeying through this world.

No burden too much to bear,

I am a person,
a friend, and a mother,
journeying through this world,
seeking truth.

My Friend

I see beneath the surface,
and discover what is below all that is neat.
You are more, so much more.
You discovered who you are,
the hype does not affect you.

You’re eyes are open now.
You reject superficiality.
Refusing to be a casualty.
Rising up from the collage that is this world.
You have ideals
you can live up to.
You can if you want to.

Be above the hype,
flush it down the toilet,
take the road of righteousness,
live by the light of day,
that will help you take flight.

Time Heals

Some things are permanent,
and some things only last awhile.
Hold onto your life, not strife.

I never walk the roads alone,
good moments shared with good souls.
There are many more experiences to come.

We will leave to different places.
Time heals all, and everything,
even emotional wounds from the worst memories.

Enter in Eternity

I saw it in your eyes,
suppression didn’t end pain.
Crumpled sheets of paper filled the trash can.
The clock keeps ticking.

We had to fight off the illusion.
It is ending,
people mending,
We surrendered our egos.

Let fall the walls that separates us,
We will not go back to dust.

Rebuke Evil

Let him drown in the his lies.

His soul is imprisoned
by superficial beliefs.

She searched for meaning,
in all the wrong places,
but finally know the truth.

He lived mechanically,
and on the surface.
his life was not accidental.

Paths Cross

You spoke of us sweetly.
Speak of love truly.
Lead the way of righteousness,
and pave a path to learn the truth.

Let your soul grow,

meditate in silence,
words don’t echo in time.
Tell me honestly, you’ve given me honesty,
rather than words that are kind.

I’m not a simple person,

but if you understand my heart,
you know I don’t fall apart,
but keep fighting for those I love.
Speak your mind now,
words don’t echo in time.