The Death of the Candy Apple


All she wanted was a candy apple but it was beyond reach. Not forever but it was so that day. It had been a long week for her and a long day for him.

“My mom told me, ‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.’ ” He said of his late mother whom he had an amazing relationship with and he missed her dearly.

“What kind of a life have you?” she inquired of him.

He replied, “A busy one.”

“No candy apple, no love. It’s the end of all things.” she said jokingly.

He smiled and said, “Well for today, no candy apple.”

They had on a live stream radio program in the background and became silent when they heard the words: “It’s too late!”

They looked at each other then listened in silence.

“It’s the beginning of the end. World War III is upon us and the only thing that will be of comfort is the candy apple but it is beyond the reach of man, woman, and child.

Like a blade of grass we can’t stand alone but weeds gets trampled underfoot. Only good souls escape death and there are three above whom make one.

And One above all things. One greater than all.

Even the succulent and desirable candy apples existence will fade from the memory of those who loved it. The tongue will no longer remember and no memory of it will remain.

It’s the end.

Not the end the world imagined; for there is no end but the end we comprehend and there is no beginning but the beginning we know. There is One great mystery of all; there is no end where there is no beginning.

And so the caterpillar gets his wings not before he made a home of the apples. Oh, the apples were once perfect for the dipping! And caramel prepared for the making of a wonderful thing!

From the cocoon emerged the butterfly whose birth was the death of the candy apple.  The death of one is the beginning of another as all things were transformed.

The butterfly came across the caterpillar as strangers they went their way.

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end of what was before.”


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