The Land of Enlightment

“Everything will be OK.” She reminded herself. “Everything will work out. God gave us everything we need to live on earth.” Faith keeps her head in the clouds when thing are tough. The other day she received a phone call for a job interview. The next day the same person who scheduled her interview called to tell her the position had been filled. Two hundred dollars was all she had  at the time. It was hardly enough to pay her bills and she had been living off of potato chips, pear, and coffee for the last two weeks.

She overcame the obstacles before her and found a good job. Things turned around for the better.  Then she found a mystical book and felt that she had read it a lifetime ago.

The glass was full and she sipped on the water as she continued trying to decipher “The Guide to Enlightenment .”  Many have read it and many different maps were made. There was only speculation as to where this land was where someone could be enlightened. Many have gone on expeditions to find it but none have returned.

One day she will figure it out, one day she will find this land but today she needed a job and she wished she could get back the life that was stolen from her. She kept meditating everyday and called upon her life to come back. She was determined to switch back the life that was switched with the person who stole her life.

One day when she was meditating and many good souls were sent from above and connected to her temporarily to give her power and protection. She felt something change. She felt that she had retrieved her life back. Things started to get better. The curse was broken and the people who did it became dumb, unable to speak and lost their memory.  They could no longer hurt anyone.

She met a man who had been studying the book his entire life and he believed that God has revealed much to him. He believed there was a spiritual battle for his soul but he wasn’t sure.

He said we will live in a world where lucid dreaming is normal and people will interact with each other in dreams but that was only his opinion. Some people have started doing it but most people reject it. The small group who started to do it realized that it wasn’t all that people said it was. They learned quickly that to develop the spirit we have to train the flesh through meditation and those who understand this forbid lucid dreaming for fear of virtual reality becoming the new reality.

She continued to study the book day and night until she had a clear understanding of the meaning behind the teachings.

Then her spiritual journey began. It was partly external but an internal process in which a person transforms spiritually through prayer. Her eyes opened and she became aware.






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