Solomon, Mom and the Phoenix

On a planet far away, a boy flew on fluffy rain clouds with his mommy over rainbows. Where ever he flew the rain fell on the earth and beautiful flowers of every color and aroma grew. The boy had a staff that could change into a phoenix to destroy the enemy. His mother gave him a bag of magic dust that could make things fly and grow. He also had a bag of trail mix made of coconut, nuts and dried fruit. These things he carried with him on his journey to the Mount of Paradise.
The boy had a net that he used to catch butterflies with and he kept them in jars with breathing holes and flowers. When they reached the Forest of Doom, a dragon rose and tried to spit fire at them. The boy threw his staff at the dragon and as the staff was in midair it turned into a phoenix. Her flame was magnificent and she burned the dragon with her fire and it went crashing to the ground. The staff then ascended back to the boy.

Clouds can only travel in certain places where the conditions are right to sustain it. When the cloud could go no further, they sprinkled the magic dust on the two owls and they grew to an enormous size. Then they reached the Desert of Giant Flying Lizards. Four of these lizards surrounded the boy and his mother. The boy turned the staff into a phoenix and commanded her to strike with magic. Her magic was strong and it destroyed the lizards into tiny pieces that dissipate into nothing. The boy and his mother rode on the owls as far as the they could go. Then they reached the sea and made a sail boat out of metal from the center of the earth and set sail across the sea. There was a storm and a sea dragon spat water but missed them. He tried to sink their ship. So the boy sprinkled the magic dust on the boat and the boat ascended to the sky away from the sea dragon that could not fly. In two days time they sailed across the Seven Seas. When they came upon the Mount of Paradise they called upon the phoenix to take them to the top of the mountain.

When they reached the top of the Mount of Paradise there were many beautiful gardens, and trees and they were greeted by elves whom had the good light in them. They were shown many great things and they were happy.


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