Worlds Within

It was a life I didn’t know before I met him.
I neither ascended or descended to him,
but remained the same as I have always been.
He descended upon me like clouds upon a mountain.
He made my rough edges smooth and I was in the sky.
I couldn’t see myself without him and with him I was happy.
Could a mountain stay in the clouds forever?
Try as I may to change but a rock is a rock,
and a mountain stays the same.

Lightning streamed through my veins,
and I released electric-blue fury to the sky,
because I am sympathetic to the screaming souls.

I saw him hovering with ribbons of blue,
as I danced in comfortable shoes.

Droplets of rain ran down his face.
A gift from above to cleanse the soul.
In his hand were two pink roses,
a gift to ease my racing mind.
He walked to the edge of the flat marble roof top,
to watch the sun rise.
The wind carried away the rose petals from my hand
to the silhouette of him.
We spent time together,
His essences took us to a place where pastel colors mark the sky,
autumn never leaves, a hint of winter appear then retreat.
His presence stabilized me, his love was the blanket of snow
that calmed the fire of my soul.

The other day we sat at the edge of a cliff,
the waves crash two hundred feet below.
I wished there was a cloud that would carry us
closer to the setting sun.

He and I, we created worlds within worlds, in our minds.
Our words are like paint.
He is poetically beautiful.
He knows me and loves me despite my imperfections.
I create love and it flows freely through me.
I am like the trees, I soak up the sun rays,
and paint the world autumn before winter appears.
Although I change, my soul stays the same,
but I grow spiritually stronger and wiser.

I wondered why God made me this way,
but I know that everything and everyone
live ephemeral lives on earth.

In the world we created, tears of profound joy descend from heaven,
and birds cleanse themselves in bird baths of translucent silver blue.
It was a place where an apathetic soul could feel
because there, evil and suffering has no place,
and love rules over all.


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