Existing in Time

I said to him I hoped he at least enjoyed the race.

He replied, ”It’s alright. Been there a year now since I last saw you. “

“Really?!  Time has escaped me and at times excused me. I’m not sure I exist in the same dimension as the rest of humanity. As ephemeral as our encounter so are our lives but memory seems to be permanent.”

He replied, “Have you been reading metaphysical books or something?”

I assured him I was not tripping on drugs. In fact, I am as sober as can be and I had been reading the Bible which to some may seem more out there than metaphysics but I proclaim the truth. I have learned to censor what I say because I spend much time writing and being in my thoughts or too little time in the company of others.

I have not become a recluse I’ll have you know. I was dealing with fear in addition to the pain. My life was turned upside down. My spirit suffered tremendously and I hid from the world, emerging periodically to handle responsibilities I could not avoid and to spend time with those I love.

Pain and fear stopped time and was paralyzing. Oh, that endless night in a single night of prayer. The Almighty calmed my spirit and comforted me by my bedside as I lie under my baby blue comforter trying sleep. My eyes closed for an eternity of dreams it seems; hours later, the morning light fell heavily upon my face and I woke up feeling refreshed. The world flew by and one escapes time. Does our state of mind determine what dimension we really exist in?


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